How to Break a Weight Loss Plateau

It's the same old story: you are fed up with the excess pounds and wants to lose them, you begin a new diet, and it actually works. You lose weight. It's fantastic, the weight seems to melt off. You're ecstatic. You still got a way to go to reach your target weight but it's looking good...

... but suddenly, as the days go by, you see that your weight loss has slowed considerably. It may have even stopped completely. You're still doing everything that you're supposed to but nothing seems to work. You've reached the dreaded weight loss plateau.

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This is a common problem. What has worked for in the beginning stages of your fat loss seems to have stopped working. The question is how you can renew your weight loss? How can you break through your weight loss plateau?

The reason why many diet plans fail in the long run is that they interfere with the body's natural ability to burn calories and actually cause your metabolism, the mechanism which burns calories, to slow down. This can only result in a slower fat loss if any at all.

The way to restart your weight loss is to boost your metabolism. This can be done with the following tips:

1. Don't starve yourself. Many diets believe in strict calorie reduction. While this may lead to initial weight loss, it will not work forever. The reason is that too much calorie reduction can cause metabolic slowdown and lead you to a plateau.

2. Change your calorie consumption from one day to the next - One way to achieve a calorie deficit without causing metabolic slowdown is to try to "confuse" your metabolism by changing how many calories you consume from one day to the next. On one day you can reduce your calories while on another you can eat your regular amound, or even a little more. If you do this right you can lose weight and keep if off for a long time. One diet plan which teaches how to do that is the Every Other Day Diet.

3. Do more strength workouts - The best way to boost your body's natural calorie burning rate and to overcome a weight loss plateau is to increase muscle mass. This is done by doing more strength exercises, lifting weights, and so on. Even a small increase in muscle mass can lead to an accelerated fat loss and help you continue losing weight for a long time.

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